Hi I have the choice between these 2 guitars an Iommi Epiphone Signature or a Gibson SG Gothic, there's abit of a price difference but that doesn't matter.

I just want the best playing/sounding guitar I play heavy metal and abit of thrash which would give me the best playing.

I have a Randall RG75G2 amp to play through.

if its a real gibson sg gothic, get it... if its an epiphone goth dont, get the iommi
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Get the iommi!
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It's an original Gibson Gothic SG does the Iommi-Ephiphone have better pickups or would they be the same sounding ?
They wouldnt sound the same at all my friend, but the Epi Iommi does have gibson pickups. The major difference is a completely different tone and dont quote me but i think the gibson sg goths pickups are hotter.
I do believe the iommi sig pickups are the hottest pickups gibson makes and i think they may be active last one not sure they look like actives
i think the iommi has gibson usa iommi humbuckers, while the goth sg has alcino magnet buckers.
ive played both, and personaly, i like the iommi better.
The Gibson Gothic SG has Gibson 498T pickups (I believe...). The Epiphone G-400 Tony Iommi sig is a G-400 with a different neck and Gibson Tony Iommi sig pick-ups. Personally, I really like my G-400, so I'd go with the Tony Iommi model. But, the Gibson is a Gibson, and if the price is right...
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The Epiphone should sound better, but in terms of feel i'm not sure. I say get the Iommi.
Damn it's a hard decision the Gibson is $300 dearer is it worth it, just for the name ?

There nearly the same aren't they ?
iommi more frets betters sound better neck better pickups better wood and even a better neck
You should NEVER buy the guitar for the name. Try them both (if you can) and decide then.
A poll would have been helpful.

Anywho, SG Gothic. It's a nice looking thing, and it's a Gibson.

Edit: Unless, the Gibson is way more expensive.