Hi im new to guitars and im looking for my first electric one. I want something that will last for me but is not too expensive as im on a low budget and dont want to pay a lot for a beginner guitar.

Im looking for something around 250 or less that will fit me.

A little about myself:
I have a small frame (small hands/ figure)
I want to be able to play music that i like. I like bands such as the rolling stones, red hot chili peppers, led zeppelin and more. if you could suggest a guitar for me and possibly an amp that would go along with it well (i want effects but it doesnt have to be really big) It would be much appreciated.
for 250 the only guitar and amp youll be able to get is a starter kit---check musiciansfriend.com for a squier strat pack or epiphone les paul or sg pack

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or else... :[
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Yeah, get the Squier Strat Pack.... I banez and Epiphone both have one too.... Just get one you like at first. You'll want more.......Trust me!
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what I meant was a guitar for 250 and an amp separately but one that would work with that guitar well.