ok, so i'm pretty new to song writing and this is my first solo. tell me what you think of it

crit 4 crit
wait what
I don't know what scale you used =\
But you're missing the awesome use of the high e string :[

It's not too bad =] you need more bends and pulloffs though. constant triplets didn't sell me either. Try mixing up your durations besides "SCALE SCALE HOLD, SCALE HOLD HOLD"
Do you mind if I have a crack at it to edit?

EDIT: oh yeah, crit for crit.
tell me what to chuck away and not to chuck away :] thanks
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yeah i don't like ending. i didn't work on it at all i just slapped it together.

and btw, thanks for the crit. i'm really new at songwriting so i'm still kinda getting the hang of it.

and as editting goes, sorry man, it's a thing of pride. because if what i do turns out good, i want it to be just me you know?
wait what
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Its cool, but yeah, triplet's don't sell me out either. The idea's are cool but pretty much any guitarist can write something like that (obviously playing it is a totally diff thing) but yeah its really "scaley" need to mix it up a bit, and yeah get into the high E string lol.

Look at the solo on my song, it will give you more of an idea, its not perfect but its got the sorta interesting structure of a guitar solo.

I play guitar =]
ok, i'm changing the end so there are more high e stuff :P

and as to pizzabox's comment, the first guy said constant triplets don't sell him. i understand that. but how can you be against triplets in general? that's just messed up.

i do understand it bein slightly scaley though. i'm working on getting better and make more original little licks. but i gotta start somewhere.
wait what
Never said i was against triplets, and in my solo i was using 6-tuplets.

Your solo is all triplets. Like sure the fast part of mine is scaley... but thats the way i wanted it to sound. The first bit has feel. Thats what yours needs. More feel.

From the comments on mine i get the gist people liked the solo anyway.
I play guitar =]
This is really good for someone new to writing. It was very short but good and awesome. But you need to use more higher notes lol. gj thow c4c my intro click here
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