I have some resistors laying around, some solder and an soldering iron. I like the wah, but its not what I thought, it goes from mud to too much treble and hardly any thing else, like there is no "halfway" mark, its either mud or treble. So I thought about doing:

The vocal mod:
Swapping the 33k resistor with a 68k

Gain and bass response
Swapping the 470ohm for something lower. Not sure yet, probably going to have to mess around a bit, maybe a variable ohm resistor?

yank the 1k5 for something higher, maybe 2k5?

And the sweep:
Pull the 0.01µF cap for something a bit larger

Never modded a wah before (or anytype of effects) but this don't look too hard. I have soldered before so

Maybe something for a weekend project
new pot, new inductor, true bypass. that's the end of all crybabies imo.

and the gain/bass resistor, most GCB95s have 390 ohm. vox uses 470 ohms.

these mods certainly help, but i like the true '60s vox clyde mccoy specs myself.
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Hi, I am thinking of doing the exact same thing to my wah pedal.

Have you started/finished yours yet?

Would like to hear how it sounds.