Hey, this is more of a question on how to play this song. I'm not completely sure on the intro, could someone tell me exactly how to play it?

I about an intermediate guitarist
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you definitely need some delay or echo, that's for sure

i think
Keep the change, pimps don't jangle
ya man intro goes like this

4 4 4 4 or we with echo on the g string,


e -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
b -------0--------0--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
g ----4----4--2----2-----0-------0-----------------------------------------------------------------
d -----------------------4---4--2----2----0--0------0---------------------------------------------
a --------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------
e -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

important note, make sure you alternate pick this or it'll be a bitch
^^I don't think that's right.

I think this is how it goes:

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alternate picking is up and down picking instead of just down, this way you get 2x the speed, ya im sorry his is right i messed up ha ha silly me
oh, i play like that anyway, lol, thanks guys, and do you also have to palm mute all of the notes?