Whats the most important ones i should i learn???

i have site with like every scale known to man just tell me and ill find it

Depends on what type of music your going to be playing.

And the sound youll be going for.
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Depends on what type of music your going to be playing.

And the sound youll be going for.

i like
people like The Strokes etc.
First - the notes on the fretboard
Second - the major scale

...you can't learn any other scales without those two things.
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^--Agreed. The major scale should be the first scale every guitarist should learn.
I've been playing guitar for 29 years and the best advice I can give is don't get too hung up on learning scales. Sometimes you will only think in terms of notes within a certain scale instead of playing some cool ass sounding ****. Look at Pantera, alot of Dime's riffs don't follow scales.
learn the notes on the fretboard
if you want an easy scale to start with learn the minor and major pentatonic shapes, there are five of them, if you learn these basic shapes and how they work you'll be able to play all over the fretboard in any key you want
after you got those learn where the diatonic notes are in those shapes
The Major scale is a great scale to start in.
I like the pentatonic scale..but sometimes its stale.
other times its pure magic. I like to play the Aeolian
mode alot now. IT all depends on your musical taste.
Listen to some scales and that will help you decide.

Throwing in occasional notes that dont belong can work
wonders as well.

textbook pentatonics...(reference these solos on youtube)

Alice in chains...Them bones
Black sabbath...Snowblind (live version1970)
David Gilmour....Comfortably numb
Hendrix...Machine gun

As you learn the pentatonic scale and get it really good....
you will then pick up a music book and check out a solo
and say to your self...

*wow...thats just a bunch of 12's and 14's with an occasional
15 and 17 thrown in...and you wont buy the book..lol
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