the way I do it is to land on a note and really think what one I want to use next, slow it all down and put effort and feeling into it
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What are some ways to add more emotion or feeling into a guitar lick?

Some players i consider to be able to do this would be Eric Clapton, Hendrix, Eric Johnson, SRV ect.

So what would you sujjest to get more feeling into my playing?

It's too subjective to say for sure.

But to add some interest to your playing, I suggest vibrato on bent notes and a good mixture of legato and picking.

In the end, however, a good phrase transcends all technique and "emotive" playing. Look at the instrumental interludes in Iron Maiden that act as bridges or are used post-solo to keep the audio context going. They're played with normal picking and no vibrato, but they rhythm and choice of the notes is just so good that extraneous effects and additions are not needed.
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Mastering your instrument is being able to play whatever you hear in your head, unhindered by inadequate technique. After that, it's all about what you've got to say, so there would be no "best," just a bunch of people saying exactly what they mean.
Try to make melodies based around spoken word.

Slow. It'll help at first. I'm very into emotive playing, ofcourse it can be very corny to a listener but its very stress relieving.

The best thing is to learn every technique you possibly can as best you can.

Vibrato is like, the ultimate thing you need. That's one of the biggest things to use..

But also, you need not just licks and stuff, but you need to learn dynamics, harmony and melody techniques, how to phrase.. etc.

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use vibrato, put some bends in to the notes and really feel it. also, don't forget to make a ridiculous looking facial expresssion to show that you're having a guitargasm
Whatever makes you happy. Life is to short to worry about what other people will like especially if your doing somthing out of emotion. So if your pissed then ****in hit your guitar when you pick the strings, just use your emotions to affect your playing style.

EDIT-assuming your playing in the right key and all that lol
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