in the song wet sand (rhcp- stadium arcadium) on the solo people say he uses hisbig muff
=, but would it be possible to get that sort of sound on a ds-2?
if you can, do u know the settings?

thanks =]
If you've got the DS2, why don't you try instead of ask people who won't have it...

Neck pickup, gain not too high, and so on...
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Work it out for yourself.

Alright, i'll tell you.

Level: as much as you want, tone: around halfway, tweak it to your preferences, and dist: half-3/4, go for whatever you want, and use a neck pickup. Those are the settings I use when I play it on the DS-2.
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ok thx =]
and rhcp_freak seems to be posting in everything related to rhcp lol