Hello all,

My Band have just finished recording 2 new tunes and was just looking for a bit of feedback.

1) IF I (easy rock)
2) Do you know (quite heavy)

Thanks in advance to anyone who has a listen and for any comments you have: Good or Bad as we are still pretty new and still searching for our sound.



thanks for having a listen dude and all comments are taken onboard, I agree that the vocals need a bit more meat to them. I guess thats something to work on in the future, but starting to get there I guess.

Dude, really like what your doing it sounds really cool... Howlin' Green what a mellow vibe. Lovin it!
If I was cool, it was nice and relaxing. I liked the vocals alot too.

The intro to Do You Know really grabbed me and the song kept me interested. Honestly I don't have much to say about it, it was really good dude. Nice stuff
wow recording is good quality, if i is a bit dull but do you know is cool...vocals are nice,they have improved alot in the last two songs...really like "sorry".don't like the guitar tone on dist...thats the only thing that i would change

i give it a 7.5/10 nice work
Thanks for all having a listen, it cool that you all took the time and thanks for any feedback, it's all taken onboard and can only help us improve what we are doing.

Effects used on "Do you know" was just a Boss Metalizer.

Going back in to re-record sorry in the next couple of weeks your right the tone needs to be changed although we have better gear now than we had back then.

Again thanks everyone for having a listen.
I listened to "If". You have a great voice, Kind of a Creed sound. Vocal is fine in my book. Way above average.

I liked the song overall, very nice, very polished. Wish I knew what you knew with regard to recording. I could see this song playing on my local fm station.

Would you mind reviewing Requiem for the Sixties?


It's the second song