Hi everyone. Me and my friends just recorded a pretty decent sized jam the other day, and we really went a lot of places.

We started with a song (I forget the name) then just jammed, then went into Dark Star by the Grateful Dead a bit then jammed, then went into a Phish riff at the end.

We all think it sounds great (once the jam starts) and I was wondering..All of you people at the musicians talk forum with great knowledge of theory, do you know what's going on when we're doing this one? A lot of it we do by ear, just playing whatever sounds good.

Me and the lead guitarist know a lot of theory, but the other two people in the band are mainly going by ear, besides knowing basic things like key signatures and such.

Anyways, analyze it, contrast it, think about it, and tell me what ya think


I'm the bass player

EDIT: If you want you can skip ahead to about 4:00 or so where we break off from the song and start jamming.
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Well, if you can pull off sounding nice without the use of theory then kudos to you (or rather, the other two bandmembers). But theory is there to help you find nice sounds and know why stuff sounds nice.

I'm at around the minute mark in your recording now and it sounds nice.

Edit: Damn, I really over-used the words "sound" and "nice" here.

Edit 2: 10 minutes in now, I really want to compliment you on the use of dynamics and the guitarist's use of the wah. You're a talanted bunch of people.
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Theory is for when your ear messes up, and you're looking for the sound.
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Thanks frankv. We've been at this since the end of summer about, and we might enter our school battle of the bands, but I dunno if high school kids would be too into this.
Quote by Shackman10

We started with a song (I forget the name)

Funk 49 by James Gang if i'm not mistaken.
Good stuff, but too much noodling on the part of the wah-soaked guitar.
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