anyone who'se not interested reading.

he basically bought an expensive piece of equipment from a fraudulent ebay member...

Cancel the payment immediately. What are you waiting for?
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Cancel the order, contact paypal if thats what you used. Make sure to read up on consumer rights and go to the right people if he tries to refuse refunding you

Call you bank
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Email the company and cancel your order. You could cancel your card but depending on jurisdiction you could still be liable to pay. Contact paypal also and tell them of your worry.
<Dobzilla> because "when you were born, they thought yo' momma shit herself."
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email them and cancell the prder if it had already been shipped explain. under the curcumstabces you are to understand there is a false advertisement and which to return the mandolin when it arrives and will want a full refund of your money.

make a copy of the email and date it was sent

also let them know that you have done this and that if there are any problems you will be finding legal help
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I thought ebay scams were simply dealt with, If they send you the wrong thiog or falsely advertise, contact ebay and paypal, they'll get you your money back.
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