Ok so one of my singer friends just told me she got asked if she wanted to sing at the local blues festival next week. So basically i offered her a band. It's gonna be a cover set, i just need some song suggestions, keeping in mind that it's a pub gig too.
She's already said she wants to do bad moon rising which i reckon would be cool and i was thinking Johnny B Goode. and other suggestions? thinking about 5 - 7 songs
clapton and BB king-riding with the king
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You could do some unconventional blues like Tom Waits. Maybe Warm beer and cold women, or Tom Traubert's Blues.
BB King's version of 'The Thrill Is Gone'

If you want a more blues/rock song to break it up abit, maybe a Cream song?

Are you a good enough band to play SRV? (because his songs are pretty hard to play IMO)