I'm thinking of putting a left handed tele neck on a right handed stratocaster, I like reverse headstocks but reverse strat headstocks looks like of stupid...I was just wondering if anyone has tried it and if any alterations will need to be made to the parts in order for them to go together.
Might have to replace the left handed nut with a right handed one, depends one the size of the slots
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Replacing parts is easy done, I just don't want to cut up my strat body or tele neck (which hasnt arrived yet)
yeah,definitely the nut,im left handed and i used to play a right handed restrung guitar,the grooves in the nut will not have adjusted widths for the strings,but i didnt change the nut,i just tolerated it till i finally replaced it with a left handed guitar!
A Tele neck on a Strat body won't intonate properly with out modification.

The following is from the Warmoth site.

The heel shape of Strat® necks is rounded at the end, Teles® are squared. Strat® necks will fit Tele® bodies but show a gap at the corners. Tele® necks may not intonate on a Strat® body without neck pocket modification.