Hey guys.

Right so im in this band and the style of music we are doing is like indie/pop punk...but i have no idea how to play pop punk...which is bad when it comes to writing riffs for them.

Can someone just give me a few hints and stuff please?

Thanks in advance!

Tom xx

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Well i can play a lot actually, but im used to heavier stuff, Pop punk is completely new to me to be honest. I gave some stuff a listen, and it just seems like high notes and power chords...

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as long as you know 3 power chords you'll do fine
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Haha cheers guys =D

All the really easy ****. Great...=(

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Intro,powerchords on three strings(not sure real name), diferent powerchords, chorus(also powerchords),Inro
keep your chords major and limit them to no more than 4 per riff. other than that I think you may be thinking too much into this. Punk is kinda born out of people not being buggered to have the time to learn how to play, so you do have to take a very simplistic edge to the music. If it's pop punk (which is quite the oxymoron if you ask me) then you have to stay major in order to keep it light hearted and tonge in cheek so to speak.
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Power Chords
Single String Solos (mostly anyway)
SOME Octave powerchords for the extra "crunch" (also sometimes for solos)

And Good Luck!
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