So about a month and a half ago, after reading everyone on the forums ranting about rotosound 66's I tried them. I did get the nickel strings though

Now I play a lot of funk-type stuff and so I do the occassional slap/pop songs, but it's mostly fingerstyle for me. Just last night we were doin a song and I was slapping octaves in a I-IV-V progression for a while. Then we switched it up to a pretty mellow song. All of a sudden SNAP! there goes my A-string. it broke about 2-3 inches from the bridge

I wanted to know if anyone thought that either the roto-66's are susceptible to breaking(more so than other brands) or if Nickel strings are more susceptible to breaking.
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If it breaks at the bridge then it suggests that your bridge has a "spurr" or a sharp bit of metal which digs into the string and causes a break. Check your saddles for this.

Also - if the angle between your saddle and your string is too tight it can also cause breakage problems.

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