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I'm confused. And yes I did a search didn't find anything.

My major was/is psychology thinking seriously about changing it to......something.

Job= college student.
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job = college student
major = electrical engineering

and yes, i like it very much and have no intention to change it
Job=Fry cook...yeh i know... but its good for highschool

Major= highschool!! but biology when i graduate
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major= communicatins
job=communications specialist for an insurance company....... I shoulda gone to music school
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job- college student
major- psychology

i've thought about changing it several times, but at this point i'm too close to graduating to want to do that anymore.
job- shelf staker at local grocerie store, yeh lame

major - music

it pays for music, but not orange amps
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Major = Engineering Management (Graduated, Bachelors)

Job = Project Engineer

I make sure the **** runs downhill
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Major = Undeclared Liberal Arts, more likely than not English.

Job = college research institute pollster (I call people and annoy them with questions), starting today
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Major = Engineering Management (Graduated, Bachelors)

Job = Project Engineer

I make sure the **** runs downhill

literally or figuratively?
Job= Student / AutoCAD drafter
Major = Electrical Engineer, 2nd year in.

I hate my major right now...
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Job = Student, Print Desk Proctor

Major = Computer Science with a concentration in Game Development
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Major = Computer Science with a concentration in Game Development

That's cool.

Job = High school student =D

Major (after grad): [Hopefully] Psychology, with a minor in music therapy. =P
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Job = Slacker
In one month I start to study Systems Engineering.

to the guy that started the thread, before you go change your major.. there's one field of psyc that isn't really psyc.. look up Industrial/Organizational psychology.. it's a good field to go into because every company will hire a handful of them in some capacity.. it's along the lines of (and includes) human resources, but includes a lot of other things as well - ergonomics would be a cool area to get into if you are a creative person. anyway, check it out.
Major = Music
Job = Circuit City salesperson
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I'm jobless.

I'm going to study English at uni providing I don't f*ck up completely this year (looking like I might to be honest). I'm already thinking I've made the wrong choice but I've got offers so it's all good for now.....
Job = college student/working at museum (boring as hell)

Major = Communication Processes and Political Sciences (hooray double majors....yeah not)
I'm not in school at the moment, I just got my MCAD cert from microsoft and work as a network admin.

I plan on going back to school next semester and majoring in music or theater.
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I'm a T.A., too - which is what pays the bills.
My major was drinking.
I am now tail gunner in a beer truck.
Education ftw.

Actually my major was Avionics Engineering and I now fix airplanes.
I just wish I was tail gunner in a beer truck.
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Major - Meteorology
Job - Student
major- classics with a concentration in languages

job - buss driver. currently applying for high school latin teaching jobs for the fall
Studying: Computer Animation With Special Effects

Job: Bar Supervisor in a nightclub


Major- Computer Science, thinking about switching to CIS (Computer Information Systems, more along the business side, for like consulting or something)

Job- unemployed at the moment, I'm a sophomore. I'm looking to get an internship this summer. Last summer I worked as a barback (really good money doing that).
Major: Law

Job: District attorney.
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Major- Philosophy, possible minor in Classics or Religious Studies.
Job- Barista. Espresso ftw!
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