what are some real cheap effect pedals so that i can build them into my amp build...The cheaper the better. Any kinda effect would be good, all I have now is the volume and a little bit of echo. Thanks
a Tremolo would be a very nice thing to put in. They were common in fender amps, and still are in the Reissues.

If you're building a decent tube amp, make sure you use good-quality analog pedals. If it's just an experiment/mess-around, rip the circuit of whichever Behringer stompbox takes your fancy. Tremolo's always good, and having built-in delay would be more convenient than sticking it in your loop. Maybe a compressor too. Remeber to match the voltages though or you'll end up with toasted components.
If you want a great multipedal, I suggest either a ZOOM or a KORG. I have both, and they're great. The ZOOM has more exaggerated effects, but the Korg has ones that are good for shows.
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Buy a cheap effects pre-amp and build that in maybe?
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danelectro are cheap and so are behringer
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