hi,I was going to buy a tube amp,at first I was gonna go with a small 5watt combo as it's just for my bedroom but i occasionally jam with a band and therefore think i maybe should go for a 15watt.I also would love a 2x12 speaker cab,would this be too loud for a bedroom?Anyway I don't know much about using a cab and i know some heads aren't compatible with some cabs etc so could someone give me some advice or your thoughts on this 2x12 cab http://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_g212_vintage.htm and could someone advise a cheap 15watt valve amp head for this cab?Any advice appreciated
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No point getting a 2x12 for bedroom use. If you don't know why you need more speakers, you don't need 'em. A 5W combo is superb for jamming but if you use lots of clean tones you'll need a bit more grunt.
Not "cheap" but generally affordable is the Orange Tiny Terror.
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I would ideally like 2 speakers for delay effects etc and have always played through combos,would like to try something different.I like classic rock and metal. as for why i need em ,i probably don't need a twin but i want one afterall if it's too loud they do have volume controls i was considering the harley benton ga5 as head for the twin cab but would prefer a 15watt head and don't know which to go for as i'd much prefer a valve amp.ps pricewise i really don't want to go over £300.I fancied the crate v8 palomino as a combo but can find any suppliers in the uk.
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2 x 12s are better than 1 x 12s...
the sound is richer..

and it would be too loud for a bedroom, but thats why there is some strange device called a volume knob.