I decided to break out my strat yesterday after neglecting it for my new ESP LTD MH-1000 for like a month. I tuned it up, but then dropped it to drop D, and I just NEEDED to go lower. So I got it to Drop B, and love the sound, but some of the frets buzz. I has 9 gauge strings on it right now, and was set up for half step down. To eliminate fret buzz, what should I do?
(Pinch harmonics sound INCREDIBLE )
get thicker strings
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Raise the bridge?? I've heard that you should replace the nut for one with bigger grooves if you go to drop B because you'll need some bigger strings but i don't know if that's really necessary.
raise string gauge. reset intonation/truss rod. lock bridge. dont use a strat for drop b, how about that.
well thats a main feature of a strat...
you can try using the bridge & middle pickup or the neck & middle pickup.
i use 13s, and i have a bc rich warlock which is always in drop c or b.
definitly get new strings, but make sure to adjust the neck and bridge, or else it can be pretty bad for your guitar.
especially a strat.
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cant u just use a 7-string guitar instead going through all the work to drop to B?

well, it's a lot more work to buy a new guitar than to drop-tune something you know :P

get thicker strings. just do it
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haha i tried drop A# with Ernie Ball slinkies... that went well.

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