In about 15 minutes im meant to be leaving for the band's second band practice. 10 minutes a go my bass player phoned up saying he has a dental appointment his mum only just told him about so he cant make it. This leaves me and the drummer. Considering this is only our second band practice and we're still getting used to each other and such like, should i reshedule for another day or just go and my bass player will have to miss this 'bond' session? Considering we're a three peice, every member is extra vital
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I think you should go for it, just you and the drummer. That way, you'll get to know each other better and really get some band spirit going. Then, next week, for example, hold a full band practice and see what happens.
i think you should re-schedule.
if you and the drummer have built up a stronger bond at this early stage the bassist may feel left out and might get a bit put off
honestly, i'd still go. a jam session with the drummer would still be fun, and it'd be quicker for one person to play catch-up than all three.
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