After 2 hours of screwing around with this thing...I finally got it to recognize my mixer and record the sound. Now the problem is that I can't get any sort of play back. If I record a test track and try to play it back, it goes through the motions but no sound is produced. Can anyone help in explaining what I might need do to fix this or am I going to have to trash it and buy some other software?

If you're using a mixing desk, it might be routed through the monitors. Or, you might have the wrong driver selected.
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there is no playback at all, whether through the mixer or through the computer...no sound is produced. period. If in fact I have chosen the wrong driver to produce the sound (not very savvy), which one do I need to choose?
I've got headphones running through my mixer so I am actively monitored through the mixer but once I record a test track, I get no playback either through the mixer or the computer speakers. Now, I've used Audacity for a while and the playback is fine through it but I can't get any playback through Cubase LE
If it is the mixer I use, then try turning it off and on again. It'll do this every 30 minutes.
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right, i think i know the problem

go to your device setup i think it is, and choose either USB or your standard PC output for whichever you want to hear.

Or, try turning the volume up on the tracks (made the same mistake many times)

also, try unmuting the tracks.
R&R would be the best place for this type of question since most members probably know how to work the gear you have.

ill ask a mod to move this thread but I suggest you list your hardware and how you have it wired.

I wish I could help you out but I dont use and have never worked with Cubase LE but there are members in the other section of the form who do use it and im sure they will help once they log on.