My electric guitar my father gave me in his will, after he past away.

so want i want to know.
can someone tell me..
here are some pics: (they are bit hard to take a good look at it, i'm sorry)


how old you guess it?
do i have something here? xD
your own opinion.

we'll i have to say, it plays reeeeeaally good, and sounds great.
i love it, and few people who also play guitar said positve's things about it.
but, i rather hear it from some people who i think really know something about it.
my dad got it also when he was young so in the time it is with me.
it already came trough almost 34 years i think.
Kitto onaji koto wo kurikaesh.ite anata wo
It's a mid 80's model. They were import guitars but were ok for the money.

I would imagine the sentimental value you will have in it is worth more then the cash value. Keep it and take care of it - just like your dad did.