Something I came up with today. I don't know whether it's death or thrash or whatever... It isn't that important.

Please listen and tell me what you think.
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hey i dont know if its thrash or metal but it was good :P i liked the drums alot
OK, I'm afraid not many of those riffs are really memorable. Some parts of it also sound far too 'happy' (bars 12-13 particularly). The structure is also all over the place; no offense, but this song is basically a few riffs strung together. For it to be either death or thrash, it would have to be much, much faster too. It sounds more black metal if anything...

To avoid being excessively harsh, I did think the intro riff (and all the variations of it) sounded nice and evil, especially with the second guitar's dissonance coming in.

i agree that it didn't sound very thrash/death metally. also, the very first tempo change kinda caught me off guard. it seemed like a mistake
wait what
I didn't like the intro riff, but the rest of the song was pretty good.
The drums are awesome through. 8/10
Thanks for the comments guys, very highly appreciated!

The updated version is now up, and I've rearranged, moved and deleted some stuff. The other guitarist in my band came over to my house and we wrote what is now the outro. I'm not sure if it fits too well. I also tried to make tempo changes better and a little more predictable.

What do you think? Link is in first post.
pretty cool, i think it could use some more depth though.
add some sick bass and a solo or two, or atleast a few sweeps or something.
nice and evil sounding though.
personally it sounded more black metal too me, but who really cares, metal is metal eh?
\m/ good stuff. add some more to it and you could have a br00tal song on ur hands. \m/

crit mine?