That is absolutely awesome. Very good work (Y)
"Punk is a state of mind, and no one can take that away from you."
Only complaint, is it sounds like your holding your voice back a little bit. Id say just let it go and go for it
Thanks for the comments guys, |2e your right i think because my mic was up so loud and the mix was coming through so loud in my headphones i didnt let loose enough. Guess ill just have to do anouthe rone, oh darn =P
Ace cover and a really nice voice. There arent really any faults. All the other tunes you've done are great aswell.
Pretty good cover. My only crit would be that you sang the song way too mellow for my personal taste. That song is full of angst, and you sang it extremely mellow. But the cover is good none the less.
I was expecting some terrible 'real' sounding drum machine beats on it (which I despise with a passion)

Heh. I think you did this quite well. Good on you.
Very well done. I agree with the other guys on the vocals though, you have the voice for this song but you need to let your voice out more. The timbre is akin to Grohl's but you sound like you're keeping it in your throat which reminds me of Theory of a Dead Man. Try and release it, open it up and see what kind of sound you get out of it (and should you decide to re-record this and post it again, I wanna listen to it when you do).