ok guys... I'm about to come into some money for my birthday and for tax returns. overall I should be getting about $400 in all. I'm planning on using this money exclusively for guitar upgrades.

Right now I own a
Squier Special Strat (the one that comes in the $199.99 Strat pack)
Peavey Rage 158 amp (semi broken, can only play through an alt input so I cant mess around with ANY of the knobs, but it is contralable through my petal)
and a digitech 350 effects processor.

I've been debating on a Fender Strat (mexican made) because it feels so great and I'm used to the shape.
However I'm also really interested in SGs and LPs because many of my inspirations use Gibson's or at least humbuckers.

But I've also heard that I should just rather get a new amp and leave my guitar as is.
I'm not sure how to really look for an amp that will work well with my petal... it pretty much has any effect that I want so I'm really only looking for a goo,d tube amp with great clean sounds to run the effects through.

I've also been kinda interested in a wireless system (i saw one with great reviews on musicians friend that is only $100)

so can I get some guidance on where to go?

my main influences on guitar is Matt Bellamy, Fall of Troy, Hendrix, and just experimental sounds

some notable songs that i like to play alot Stockholm Syndrome, One, FCPREMIX, and just regular songs like Alive With the Glory of Love and just random indie songs.
no once you get a new amp you wont use your pedal anymore, thats the idea, a good tube amp sounds a million times better then your rp, you dont need a wireless system, how much money do you have?

Edit: lol right 400, palomino/ laney vc i think is about 400
Wireless systems are only a good investment if you're making your money off of gigging exclusively (in my opinion) and to pay $100 for one just to sit in your room and practice is un-needed. I've never played the Squier you have, so I don't know how it feels. If you have a multi-effects pedal that you can practice through, you may want to consider a new guitar and save up for an amp. I'm saving my cash for a tube amp when I get into a band when I'll be gigging and need it, but for practicing, I do just fine with headphones through a pocket pod, so it all depends on if you're in a band or not (once again, imo)
there are some either peavey tube amps or vox (i forget) that look pretty good and i am actually considering getting
check em' out
also the reviews on musiciansfriend.com are not to be trusted
you need someone who knows what they're talking about
if they say"this is a great amp and i can get nirvana and tones as well as megadeth. trust me you should buy it!" than they dont know what they're talking about
find a review that compares the amp and goes in depth about it
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Check out Crate Palomino or V series and Peavey Valveking 112, maybe even the new Blackheart 5 watters everyone is talking about. Toss the pedal, start saving for a guitar....
Get an amp, you'll find that the reward is much greater. Hell, even if you get a Line 6 Spider series amp. I know people on this forum talk trash about that amp, but given the gear setup you have, it could be a very good investment, and they are fun to play regardless of what anyone says.... We just have a lot of "tone" freaks here, and a very serious bias against Solid State amps..

I've owned countless cheap non"toneworthy" amps over the beginning years I was playing, but they were all great and fun.... Even if you get a cheap tube amp, you'll wind up wanting to replace it some day, so why bother with the hassle of maintenance and tube amp issues when solid state will do you fine. Not to mention that on the lower end of budget, solid states can be just as good if not better than a lot of tube amps.

You can get a used Spider II 2x10 combo for around $200....

Also, don't toss the pedal...keep that **** and have fun with it, I mean you bought it...

(I'm sure people will hate me for even suggesting the spider, but in all practicality, it would serve it's purpose well). And I'm not saying that you shouldn't look at other amps. Got to your local Guitar shop and test em out. Don't rely on pedals....EVER as the center of your setup....
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Spiders (and ALMOST any solid state) are a waste of cash.

Just because an amp has a lot of little digital effects and what not is not a good reason to buy it.

If you want a fun toy, buy a Spider.

If you want real tone, go for a cheap tube/valvestate combo (Vox Valvetronix, Palomino, Blackhearts, etc.)
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^^^^You misunderstand me...... Sometimes it's ok to drive a Ford Pinto before you get a Benz. I owned a Spider II up until about a year ago as a second amp and I dug having it.

Would I gig with it? No.
Would I record with it? No.
Would I play it at home while working on chops? Most definitely..

I never really used the effects anyways as my setup is solid.

And in YOUR opinion "MOST solid state amps are a waste of cash".
Some people dig em.
I'm merely posing an alternative to the whole "GO TUBE!! GET THIS GET THAT" suggestion.
Washburn D-12
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Ibanez RG 7321
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Boss MT-2-Modded
Boss CE-5
Boss DD-3-Modded
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Thank you everyone who has decided to help me out.

So I'm thinking that the palomino looks pretty good.

but what I'm worried about is the amp is pretty much bare as far as features and effects go. Now I would think my digitech would be able to fix that but I've been gettting confusing reactions against it.

And btw this gear is gear that I am going to be working with upgrading until summer when I actually have time off college to devote to a band.