A Question Worth Asking

(verse) I look around and all I see is the sun setting
And all I can think about is you in my arms
Everything thing I thought was important
Suddenly drowned out by my thoughts of missing you
No matter how long
1month 1 week 1 day 1 hour it doesn't matter
Everytime you're gone it feels
Feels like forever
in my own hell
(in my own hell)

(bridge) I'm sick of all these people
These distractions in our lives
All the things that are in our way
Never seem.... to go away

(Chorus) Let's run away run away
Run Away
Don't know where we're going
But it doesn't even matter
Just hold my hand
And I'll follow you where ever
Down the street
Across the country
Across this whole wide world
Even all the way to heaven (only during the 1st time of chorus)

(verse 2) Just as long as you hold on
I'll be okay and keep going
Doesn't matter what's in store
In store for us in the future
Stay with me
By my side
Fate will tell us both where to go
(to go)
(to go)

(chorus x2)

(outro) This journey
Will make us closer
Then ever before
Let's run away
(run away)

Didn't realize that a somewhat bump was against the rules, since I don't take the time to read them so yeah, here they are again. I'm thinking it's gonna be two versions of it.
An acoustic version, and our band's style version (kinda like The Fall Of Troy, except we all don't like TFoT so we're going to make it better, lol)