Im still holding auditions for a new hard rock/metal band that Im putting together. Im auditioning for everything still. It seems that musicians are a bit of a scarcity around here. At least serious musicians anyway. I know yall are out there and I ask and encourage you to step up on this one.

I ask that everyone who is interested share the same love and passion for music that I do. Be driven and focused. Age anywhere from 20 to 30. Give or take a little depending on your experience. And just an over all professional attitude.

I have been playing for about 4 years now, and just recently got back into electric after a few month break. I have pro quality gear, transportation, a job, and a professional attitude and love for music that is driving me to try and make a career out of music.

What Im looking for in a singer is someone with an amazing voice. Not the normal typical stuff you always here. Growling and screaming are cool, but not what Im really looking for. They are a plus, but if you cant then its perfectly fine. What Im really looking for is a female singer who wouldnt mind being in a hard rock/metal band. It would be awesome to find a female who's voice is a combo of Christina Scabbia, Amy Lee, and the girl from Flyleaf (her name escapes me right now). Not a carbon copy, but someone with that same sort of vibe. That would be perfect for what I have in mind. So girls please step up!!!! If no girls are willing, then guys please. I can sing but dont want to really and was looking for someone else to take the main spotlight.

I think the singer is probably going to be the hardest thing to find, thats why I posted so much about it. But I am still looking for anyone who plays anything. The big parts are guitars, bass, and drums, but I dont care if you rock a kazoo or a tamborine, I may not need you but would certainly like to have you audition.

If you are in fact interested you can give me a reply email on here, or message me for my phone number and we can talk more that way about getting something going.