Right now my fretting hand is 10 times faster than my picking hand. I'm using alternate picking; down strokes, up strokes. Any kind of exercise for my picking hand relating to this? Let me know.
Mines the opposite, although what sucks even more is that my right hand (picking hand) is actually my faster fretting hand...but I cant play left handed . So yeah, my left hand is better at picking and my right hand is better at fretting....WHHHY!

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I used to have that problem BAD. I found myself doing crazy hammerons and pulloffs since I couldnt pick for sh!t. Then I started practicing more alternate picking, and now Im about even on both hands. Just run cromatics 1-2-3-4 from low E to high and pick everynote. speed up when you get the hang of it. I know its boring as fuc|< but it works.
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yeah the above works thats how i did it. my teacher used to make me run the chromatic all the way up to 12 on my acoustic he wouldn't let me stop at nine
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Take it to the electric guitar / G + B basics forum?
I'm sure you'll get a better response there.