hi, just a quick question... im in the planning stages of building an electric and im just debating whether to make a thru-neck or a bolt on, and i was wondering which will be easier to build? Because i dont know much about neck-thrus but from what i know, you just glue the wings to the neck right?
Thanks in advance for any help
A neck through is much more complex to design and make.
Also with a neck through, you'll have to calculate the neck angle you'll need.

A bolt on is much easier, but a neck through deffinitely has enough advantages(fret access, smaller heels, sustain etc)
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If you're worried about the neck pocket, then go with a neck thru. You only will have to clamp two peices of wood to the sides of the neck. With a bolt-on, you need to need to be rather precise with a router or chisel.

So, depending on what tools you have access to and what skills you have changes what I would recommend you do.
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