sorry that title is slightly misleading i am not even close to starting a project and am not sure if i will just a few qs tho if u can help:

1.with carbon fibre acoustic guitars generally how many layers of carbon fibre sheets do u need to use before its strong enough? couldn't really find nething on the interwebnets.

2. how many carbon fibre sheets do i need for one acoustic guitar? (neckand bod)

3.When molding the c-f do i need to make molds or can i do it straight off an (old crappy) acoustic?

thanks for the help
your questions show that you have yet to have enough expirence with fiberglass or corbon fiber to be doing this
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And even if you do have the knowledge, making really stressed structural parts out of carbon fibre will be well beyond household and garden technology, for the most part because curing the resin should be done while applying moderate heat and above atmospheric pressure. For that you'll need a pressurised oven, or autoclave.
Materials can be obtained that don't gas out and can be processed by the hobbyist like regular glass fibre, but these will not give the strength to weight ratio normally associated with carbon fibre.
thanks for the encouraging words heff lol
any books u can recommend to get my started in the right direction?
thanks marcel. glass fibre. is it still strong enough to make an acoustic out of
sure i dont kno much now but i didnt kno much about building guitars and now im on my thrid so u kno u gotta start somewhere
I suggest you send william cumpiano an email. Google his name and his website should come up. He wrote the acoustic guitar makers bible and is typically pretty good at answering questions. To my knowlege he hasn't made acoustics with CF back, sides, and necks, but I know for a fact that he has made them with CF tops. So shoot him an email and see if he can't get you going.
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