Alright here the problem, Ill try to explain this as best as i can.When I have my distortion hooked up(input of amp to output of box,guitar to input of distortion)and i turn the distortion off its not amplified.Like if im playing something distorted and i stomp the distortion i wont make a clean sound.Can someone tell me how to play something distorted then stomp the box and it be clean.
What pedal do you have?

What it might be is that you have the volume set to be comfortable for louder distortion, so you hear nothing when the distortion is off. Try turning down the volume/level knob on the distortion box.
I have a boss OD-20.
see when i turn the distortion on I have to have the volume on the amp down low, very low or it will squeel horribly.
Can you turn the level knob down and adjust it to the volume you want? If it squeals at any volume level then something isn't hooked up right.
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Turn the level down on your pedal itself, turn the amp up, and make sure the volume on your bass is up. It should work. The amp's volume should be up, rather than the level on the pedal meing maxed out.
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