From right to left

Boss tu-2, boss ds-2, ibanez ts9dx, EHX little big muff, Boss bd-2 blues driver, Vox V847 wah, boss ge-7, EHX stereo pulsar, Boss ch-1, Boss ph-3, EHX electric mistress, Danelectro reel echo.

Let me know what you think guys! all adivce welcome

Thanks, Aidan
Wow! Nice collection. personally, there are WAAAY too many effects there for me, but if you like it, great! I can only imagine all the sounds you can get from that
Did you make that out of a guitar case?
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it was like, "so...you like poison?"

hippie: "no man, i'm a rejecter of the poisons of the world"

dad: "uhh, ok...how about whitesnake?"

hippie: "all creatures are equal in my eyes"
Yeah, I want such a board, where do I get?
Nice collection there, maybe think about some better patch cables though?
Do you like anime/manga?
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^ Its good, plus yes I made a typing error, it is a ds-1. and yes it is a old guitar case

+1 on the shame about the amp comment. but, i'm getting an orange tiny terror for my birthday
Too much Boss for my liking (even though the only pedal I have is Boss ), but otherwise, very nice!