your off time really bad. work on getting the timing tight, or at least editing it so it syncs up. you can get a program called audacity which will let you do that for free. it sounded if you had some more practice getting it tight it could be pretty good.

one other thing id suggest for your drummer is tuning his drum heads. the sounded a little "sloppy joe." you can get a pretty solid drum tuner for about 60USD, that is, if you dont already have one.

and also a couple times it sounded like you (or whoever is singing i guess) started to run out of breath. just work on taking deep breath's and filling the bottom of your lungs.

if you could crit one of the songs in my sig, id appreciate it.
There are some really sweet melodies in here but the timing issues kind of ruin it. The vocals aren't terrible. The drummer is a bit sloppy.

other then that there is a good basis for a nice little song there. Just needs work with the band.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Thanks everybody !
thesrvivngmmbrs: Thanks but we use Adobe audition.

We recorded each track individually and when I recorded the guitar track again every went off time.

I'll record the guitar and vocals tracks again soon .
Did your drummer use a click track or drum machine to play to while recording? It sounds like he goes out of time as well.

The guitar tone is a little too vintage punk, not like its a bad tone... it sounds like a thin recording as if it was recorded back in the 70's for real. If there's any way you could bring the guitar a little closer and EQ it a bit to make it kick a little more, it would be sweet.

I like the vocals on this. Again, they sound far away and lo-fi. You've got a cool melody and it kept me listening even through the mistakes and poor mix. With work, this could be a really cool song.

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Thanks !
No he didn't but I think it would be a good idea.

I remixed the whole song and recorded the guitar track and I uploaded it on out myspace.

Any feedback would nice !
Mike, don't be discouraged by the criticism on here. I hope you are here seeking improvement and not confirmation. Everyone who claims to have the answers on here started without them, so take confidence from that. That being said, I think the greatest improvement your band can make is to fix the sound of the drums and you will all get tighter and keep better time the more you practice. So practice, tweak a couple things, and you'll see results.

Thanks for the feedback as well!
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pretty much everything everyone said...something I would really want to know is how/ where you customized your myspace. I really wanted to make mine that color scheme.