i got both choices a used zoom 505 II from a friend and a digitech distortion pedal,both at the same price,and i dont know which one to get
im more inclined to the zoom because,obviously it gives more versatility,and would help me recreate tones i like,but i dont want something that sounds like crap!although i was told it sounds good,i dunno

so,which one should i go for?
and please dont tell me to save more and get something else,im determined to buy something right away!
what distortion model is the digitech
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What amp do you have? And Trust me bro its better to get something a bit more expensive than something crappy
The Zoom 505II is okay,but it hisses sometimes.
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its probably either a digitech hot head or a grunge distortion,and i have a cube15x,which sounds pretty good but i dont get a footswitch,which i consider a real waste of good potential,whats the use of a great clean channel and a great lead channel if you cant switch between both??!!
so the options i got are:the zoom 505 II:which i tried,and it was cool,but my cube gave a more ballsy tone,somehow! and theres the digitech distortion
or i can sell the cube,buy a simple smaller one channel amp,and a better multifx processor
so what do you guys think??