i posted the Guitar pro tab for this ages ago (its in my sig, as 'more death metal') so theres sort of an explanation there(which you may well want for this bizarre track), i decided to modify it slightly too

its in my profile, the only mp3 there

this is my first real recording so i dont really know whats going to be up with it, the vocals a know are a bit crap, but i really dont have money for a decent microphone for that.
the drums are EZdrummer talking so thats why they might sound alright compared to everything else

anyway cheers for any crit and il return
The goatse song? Sick bastard lol

anyway, yeah the vocals sound bad/muffled. Also, the guitar is too much in the background, try making them louder
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That was pretty intense, is it about an ex?

Apart from the mixing (which let it down sadly) i could see this going down well live...it'd kick the pits up no problem
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i thought the riffs were pretty cool...but yea find a new way to record lyrics, lol.