Hey, does anyone know if old strings can affect doing a vibrato , because it is incredibly dificult for me, it just scrapes against the frets. The strings are 8 months old, but I play alot, and im suprised they lasted so long.
Thanks, and does it matter if I have had spare strings that I bought a while back too? If they are still packaged they should be fine, right?
you NEED to change them.
I change mine about once a month
I plays guitars.
sweet jesus!!! 8 months? that's ridiculous. change them.

trust me, you will love a fresh new set of strings.
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You can't be bending notes if your strings last 8 freaking months!!
i'm sure i haven't changed my strings for 8 months. unless you live in the amazon rainforest or somewhere else with 99% humidity, you're probably fine. should you change them more often? probably. are they affecting your ability to do vibrato? unlikely.
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