the song is titled "FUTURE IN MY HANDS" its kind of a fast pace rock song the vocals is done by a chick named Aimee B and the writer is some asian dude whos name is crazy to pronounce, so far i've only come to figure that the name they gave themeselves for this is Rungran i have no idea if thats the name of the band or if it was a just a "project" for an album lol i've been lookin for this thing forever & cant find it, all i know for sure is that it IS in the devil may cry ANIME album the song can be heard at youtube by searching the title name it'll have a picture of DANTE from DMC (devil may cry)... and also if no one knows where to find this song tabbed if ya wanna help me tab it that'd be great thanks!

now i'm pretty sure its stndard tuning anyhow
the beginning starts (mostly from what i figured) on the D & G strings


... its basicaly along the same lines as the G pentatonic scale

check my profile for contact info thanx for any help in advanced guys
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