I don't think uploading my music on garageband.com and just waiting to be discovered is the best way to get a record contract. And I'm sure there's more ways other than "knowing the right people" especially with the invention of the internet. Anyone know how to get a label's attention and listen to your music?
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hmm... In some strange way this makes sense.
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So I heard you liek profiles?
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Set fire to the label managers car, then hand the tape to him.
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get a large fanbase. somebody big may become a fan. if not then go to your fallback.with music as a career a big fallback is important.
Gig .. Lots
Be very very dedicated
get a Good Demo recorded
Send it to various labels so they know about you
Gig more get your name out
Labels will then hopfully send some A+R guys out to watch you live ..
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just play shows, and if you're really good, you'll start to play bigger shows with bigger bands, and then you'll be playing at a big show hosted by 4 or 5 record companies, and if they like you, they'll sign you.
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good ole fashion hard work id imagine, hit up any venue thatll let you play, work the crowds, create a buzz, promote,promote,promote. from a laymans point of view
record labels will soon be useless you should tour lots build a following and release your stuff yourself just my thoughts
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Play lots of shows....seriously. Thats how MCR got signed and like it or not, look at them now.