Average looks stunning.
in his t-shirt and jeans
he looks perfect, pants ripped slightly at the chinese stitched seams
cowlicks abundant on the head of perfection
giving him a perfect chance of sitting comfortably in his mold,
into the fold

unimpressive, but infallible,
the beta male

avoiding sneers of the above average, while reflecting them below
owning no right to speak of mediocrity as a foe

while sheeps clothing fits perfectly when manufactured in white
much better fitting than tailored in black,
regardless what your mother may have told you


Average looks fucking stunning.
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
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i like it, I dont see any problems really. Is this just a poem is this a lyric for a song? I'm sorry, I dont really have any corrections to make, it is uniquely written and a different style than i really see. I like how it supports individualism and that being perfect isnt necessary, but being yourself is more important. Or at least thats what I got from it.
i was trying to say that normal people take their normality for granted, and how i would like to be normal. But if thats what you got from it maybe i should change something to make it clearer? thanks for taking the time to read
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
well, i definitely see what your saying and that is pretty obvious i guess i just think differently/weirdly so maybe wait and get another reply or 2 before you change it up haha
hmmmmm differnt i liek differnt nice,
i see how you mean mine are simple but yeah , nice
keep up the songs,
keep me posted