Surviving the Winter
with its frosty mornings
calculated weariness.
Cold starts with the phone ringing
jump up out of bed half naked
freeze to death
all wired in on the end of the line.
Watch the sun, low in the sky,
sit by the window.
I used to pretend I was a dragon.
Breathe on the glass and
write my name backwards,
with yours.
Just so anyone outside can see who I am.
Wait for the days to get longer
for my mood to change for the better.
Watch my orders change too,
from beer and whisky
to wine and rum -
Summer drinks.

And the warmth finally breaks over me,
fiery flares in the sky
making my day.

love is a dog from hell.

very cool imo, especially the window bit.
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
This has a mood which incorporates seasonal characteristics but also bares a personal edge, i enjoy how it gives a little insight to the person within the poem, be it you or a fictional character.

Sometimes i thought the wording choked the flow a little, there were some word choices and placements i felt were odd, maybe you meant it to be a little clunky though.

I liked it regardless though. The blue font, not so much.