hey folks, got another song up for crit now

its called fallen for you, its on the first mix/master, so any comments or crit are much appreciated!!!!


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Pretty cool song!

I'd like it better if the whole thing was roughed up just a little... your voice would work well on heavier guitars/bass/maybe distorted synths.

Listen to The Faint from Omaha and you will get what I'm saying. Those guys do what you're doing but a lot tougher sounding.

Your song is catchy, and your vocals are good.

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thanks for the crit!

yeh i see what you mean with the faint, will take it on board when i write my next song!

any more crit.comments?
well not exactly my tastes with some of the tracks mixed in, but that doesnt mean i didnt liek it, lol...sounded real cool, lil bit diff then the "norm" which i liked. Nice guitar rythm in it. And like other guy said the vocals are real good and fit in well. Ill second the other guy on roughing it up a lil, only because the guitar almost sounds so crisp thats its missing some of the nuances of the guitar....i dunno if im explaing it right...damn i hate bein a noob, lol....anyhow good work...well put together track.


paint a lie is a newer one, solo for a friend is newerer. haha
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Yeah, not really my tastes either. But, it was pretty good. It was unique in it's own way, as shinedown said. Basically what everyone else said. I did like it even though it's not really my taste.

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