Well, im trying to learn a few different scales, and i dont understand how to read them, i mean the picture ones, like with red and black dots thrown in and around everywhere.

It would help if you gave a link to what you're using because I have no idea what black and red dots you're talking about.

This is just a guess, but I'm sure that the red notes are the root notes. It depends on what color the majority of the notes are...
To read scales you first have to know what scales are....scales are repeating patterns of notes with set intervals. Therefore to learn scales you first need to know the notes on the fretboard - then by locating your root note and applying the pattern of intervals you can play the notes of the scale.

The boxes you've been looking at aren't scales as such, they're simply diagrams that show you the location of part of a particular scale. That being the case you can't actually learn anything from them on their own.
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That being the case you can't actually learn anything from them on their own.

First off, let me say that I totally agree that when you start the right way(as in learning the fretboard instead of patterns) you become that much better. But I know back in the day when I learned scales as "boxes", it sure taught me how to improv.

But then again...I had to go back and re-learn everything. - but I still say that a novice can have a lot of fun learning scales as simple patterns as long as he's made aware of there limitations IMHO.
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