Well, my Creative Zen just broke, so I need a new mp3 player. I don't want any type of iPod or Zen, and I can spend up to around £300.
I'm looking for something that will play videos aswell as all the usual stuff.


Sorry I'm just no good with mp3 players
look into zune or sansa
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ghaa, i've been put off zunes. My friend had one for like 3 days and it stopped working.

I've got a Sansa something or other, no problems with it, look into them.
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i'd say zune. I'm similar to you, TS. I used to have a zen vision m, it broke, and now i have an ipod. don't get one. they get the job done, but if you have a pc, itunes will rape your computer. i guess if you have a mac, ipod would be ok, but for pc DON'T get an ipod. itunes it awful. Right now I use itunes ONLY for syncing, and foobar for all listening. I'm hoping some company will make an .ogg or .flac player that works with foobar. that would be incredible. But for now, I'd say go with a zune. they're probably the best for you.
Go with something from SanDisk, the individual one you get will probably be based on what's available. And I would recommend not spending around $600 on an mp3 player, that's just ridiculous.

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what do you have against iPods?
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