ive been looking around the web and i cant seem to find a complete, accurate, detailed LP schematic. i cant buy one off the web seeing how this guitar im making is using all my money (verrrry tight budget). anyone got one they could take a few pics of and post or a site were i can find some?? btw not the wiring but building schematics
it isnt a complicated guitar by any means...

mahogany body with a maple cap, ebony or rosewood fingerboard (preferrably ebony IMO), stop tail bridge, a good nut and whatever tuners you want... dont forget some PAF style humbuckers

aside from wiring and pots and such...

Les paul is just a body style really, all the rest is the same as in any other guitar...

if you need measurements, I recommend you go find a les paul in a shop and take them there or something...

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