looking for a zakk wylde white bulls eye that has not been beat to peices. if anyone has one to sell let me know. thanks
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Agreed Bro
You can buy a copy here

Avoid that link... and dude, come on... you know better than to advertise counterfeit guitars.
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oh yeah i'm sorry i forgot about that
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Zakk Wylde sucks!!!

lol he must like fred durst. what a f tard
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Let me know if interested.
Has original hard case .. I may have the recipt.
I can send pics. it's virtually unplayed.
allstellar @ yahoo dot comm
i have one here,my cousins guitar that he's selling. it's yellow bullseye with 81/85 emgs
& SKB hsc, insanely mint. he's looking for $650 + shipping. i have pics
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I have one as well with a hardshell case and it has an EMG81 and 85 in it. PM me if your interested or want to trade.
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