can somebody please tell me what scales are used in the following songs:

Hallowed Be thy Name (harmonic Minor with raised 7th in E?)
Mr Crowley (Harmonic Minor with raised 7th in D?)
Crazy train (Some minor scale in F#?)
Seize the Day (In the key of Gm? Don't know the scale)

if u can help me then please do so because i want to improvise with these songs, thnx in advance. I might also play this in my school's talent show
Don't say "harmonic minor with raised 7th." That would be #7 rather than natural 7 and you don't mean #7.

Pure E natural minor. It might have some other stuff thrown in, but I don't remember.

Pure D natural minor, except over the A chord, where he plays D harmonic minor.

Crazy Train:
F# Natural Minor with some chromaticism.

Click the "learn your theory" link in my sig. You'll be able to figure stuff like this out yourself when you understand that article.
i will read it in a lil bit

by the way can you play zakk's farewell ballad, its on youtube