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and for those of you that are gonna balk because "omfg w4ll of t3xt!" don't, its unnecessary

" Tidings!!!

Well, well, well... Blog time dudes and dudettes. There's alot of stuff going down right now. We are at work on what is going to become our 3rd full length on Equal Vision Records. We have yet to disclose a title. We're also getting ready for soundwave 2008 over with our Australian friends and alot of really rad bands. So that's pretty exciting. We also are going to be doing a full U.S. Headlining tour in April/May and will be announcing the line-up ASAP so stay tuned for that, cause it's brain-smashing.

So here's some thoughts that we've been having as of late... The music industry is at a strange time. Half controlled by people who play the music, and love the music, and are there for the music. Half controlled by people who are trying to make MONEY... Nothing else, just money. The thing wrong with that is as follows :

The music industry is at an all time low, there is no such thing as a million dollar record contract for an up and coming rock band anymore. Turn on MTV, how many straight rock bands are just killin' it right now? NOT MANY... Everyone is scrambling to find the "next big thing" when the reality is the next big thing that needs to happen is another revolution. Much like that of Miles Davis, Ray Charles, The Beatles, Hendrix, Nirvana... Even into the much less and embarrassing notables as Korn, Limp Bizkit, and even **** like N'Sync and Backdoor boys . This revolution is something that will not be televised though. It will not even be realized until it is upon the industry. There is an army of bands, forming a bond that is not being noted by these people that are interested in "finding the next big thing" because THEY SIMPLY DON'T CARE OR LOVE MUSIC. Well, the next big thing is going to be a movement, not a song. A tour, not a music video. A live show, not American Idol... But the only way this movement is going to happen is for people that love music, and really want to see it thrive again, to take action and become a part of it once again. It's been taken away from us all, and I sure don't want my kids coming up in the braindead, hit single, music video dictated way of the industry that is happening RIGHT NOW...

So what we're saying:

Go out to a show, visit a real record shop instead of an FYE. A vintage guitar shop instead of a Guitar Center. Buy the T-Shirt if you like the band, it goes a LONG way, TRUST us. Talk to your friends, because you, the people, are the only ones that are going to find "The next big thing", until then, the dinosaurs are gonna keep ramming it down the throat of the general public, so they can capitalize off of the artist, and off of you... In short, everyone loses unless we all come together and make some changes.

We believe in rock and roll, we believe in revolutions... And we believe in you. The real question is...

What do you believe in?

=The Boys="
It's a nice thought, but nothing will happen that way.

we're still buying stuff from the record companies.

Bands need to find a way to take the record companies out of the eqation. Once that happens (which, lets face it, isn't going to) things will improve.
u claim that the beatles had a record contract... they didn't

also, the music industry is based on business practices. they don't care if the band is the greatest band in the world, as long as their records sell enough to make them a profit, they're happy.

its applying a left brain (logic) drive to a right brain (creative) function. it rarely ever works out perfectly.

now everyone needs to stop posting threads like this. this is the 4th one i've come across so far...
Well bashing other bands is just stupid, and I'd rather go to a guitar center and get a good brand new guitar than a "vintage shop" that has old(not vintage just...old) non-working, beat up instruments.
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Well bashing other bands is just stupid, and I'd rather go to a guitar center and get a good brand new guitar than a "vintage shop" that has old(not vintage just...old) non-working, beat up instruments.

I agree. Chains offer you three things: high variety in products, cheaper prices, more locations.

I sound like I'm advertising capitalism don't I.