A moderate to brisk breeze
will prevail this evening,
the current advice is to
button coats high
and be sure that all
necessary precautions
are taken in regards to
gloves, scarves and other
appropriate winter wear.

So, of course, i forgo all advice,
instead sporting my usual attire,
a plain hooded sweatshirt with a zip,
Once i am under-dressed,
i vacate my room hastily,
take the short walk to the bus stop
and jump on the 85.
I'm heading for the insanity
that is London city.

Whilst waiting on a wide open platform
i began to regret forgoing common sense,
the bitter wind easily penetrating my
feeble attempt at outerwear,
and it'll happen again and again,
almost as surely as teenagers will defy
their parents wishes. They'll never listen.

I'll never listen.