Hello, i am making a flying v in my I.A. class and i was wondering if anybody had blueprints or Cad files or were i could get some on how to install tremolo, Because i had to cut my guitar body from a plank of wood i dont know how to drill the tremolo cavity!! Plz anything will help!!
Assuming you mean a Floyd Rose, you can find diagrams here http://www.floydrose.com/instructions.html#original

Edit: The measurements on the diagrams arent the actual sizes, as in if the zoom is on 100%, the lengths are larger than the actual rout should be

Thats not all you need though, you have to get the scale length and other things right too. Someone else can explain how to do those better that i can
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depending on the bridge, each bridge has different dimensions that need to be taken into account when drilling for a certain bridge.
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