Simple question, (I think); What are the size differences between Jacksons WR1 and Ibanez's XPT700? Both guitars look and sound amazing, I've only played the WR1 and I love it immensely, It's just that I can't cough up 2400 anytime soon.... I also love Ibanez guitars as well, but I have no way of test playing the XPT700 myself due to my location. Having played an Ibanez before, I have no doubts at all of playabilty and sound... But what is the difference in size of the WR1 and XPT700?

(Only people who have experience with both, please)

What about the WRMG? In terms of size, they are both pretty similar. Its hard to accurately figure it without laying one on top of the other, but I would say the Warrior is a slightly larger guitar.
Get a pic of both (front view pic), put them side to side in photoshop and adjust to scale according to distance of saddles to nut. Should be more than accurate enough.
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